School Days Off

For Freeport School District ONLY. Care for school age children for snow DELAYS, CANCELLATIONS, and SCHEDULED days off school. Register for this care with Amy ahead of time and join in the fun (even if you aren’t registered with us all school year, you can join the fun on days off school)! Scheduled days off feature a field trip or theme day. Delays and cancellations have their own fun in store.

Scheduled Days

  • November 21 - Outdoor adventure. Join us for a fall adventure on the rails-to-trails!
  • November 22-23 - ALL PROGRAMS CLOSED
  • November 26 - Urban Air Pittsburgh. Cost is $25/child. For information, visit
  • December 24-26 - ALL PROGRAMS CLOSED
  • December 27 - Great Baking Challenge. Bring your creativity and flair and enter in our three baking challenges and the best part is everyone gets to enjoy the creations.
  • December 28 - Secret Agent Day. Decode secret messages, create your secret identity, cross the laser beams, and finish the secret mission.
  • December 31 - Upper St. Clair Indoor Aquatic Center. Cost is $10/child. This is weather permitting. We will not go if snow is in the weather forecast due to the distance.
  • January 21 - MYSTERY Day. Follow the clues to the prize then create your own scavenger hunt for other to follow. Be the first to solve the case!
  • February 15 & 18 - Make a Difference Days. Friday we will make things to distribute, and Monday we will venture out to share what we have made (nursing homes and Center for Hope).
  • April 17 - Sleep In Movie Day. Wear your pajamas and enjoy your favorite movies and treats! Relax, enjoy traditional games like telephone, hot potato, and storytelling!
  • April 18 - Game Day. Bring your favorite game to share with friends. We will have some obstacle courses and large outdoor versions of our favorites like checkers, darts, and Scrabble. Don’t miss the UNO tournament with Miss Amy!
  • April 19 - CLOSED
  • April 22 - Phipps. Cost is $15/child.
  • April 23 - Spring Celebration. Create your own fairy garden, paint rocks, and build a bird house! Enjoy activity garden themed games like squirrels in a tree, rabbits in a hole, and a nature hunt!
  • April 24 – TBD
  • May 3 – Outdoor Adventure
  • May 24 & 27 - ALL PROGRAMS CLOSED
  • Summer Camp fun begins JUNE 3!!
  • Cost of care is $35/day for one or $65/day for two children. Field trip fees are additional as applicable. Field trips will only go if we have at least 10 registered in advance. Register by completing the form and emailing it to or stop in to drop it off!